Marching Band
The Sound of the Braves Marching Band occurs during the fall semester at Boone High School. While the Marching band practices after school, students are required to be enrolled in a band course to participate. Marching band attends all of the Boone Home Football games, as well as most away games. In addition, they attend 2 or 3 marching contests, FBA Marching Music Performance Assessment, and State Championships. They may also participate in parades and other activities as necessary. Marching Band is an OCPS requirement for any student enrolled in band/eurhythmics class

The Boone Color Guard is a vital part of the SOTB. All Color Guard students are enrolled in a guard/ eurhythmic class. They are REQUIRED to attend ALL after school rehearsals. Color Guard trains performers in flags, rifles, and dance techniques. Winter Guard is an out growth for Color Guard students or any other students interested in performing separately from the marching band. This group rehearses weekly from December-March, attending regular competitions. Students are required to be enrolled in guard/eurhythmics class. 

Wind Ensemble
Wind Ensemble is reserved for the most advanced students at William R. Boone High School. This Honors Level course focuses on the continued development of fundamentals and performs new and traditional wind band songs. The band usually gives 2 or 3 Concerts a semester.  

Symphonic Band
Comprised of students of various grade levels and focuses on Grade III and IV music. The band focuses on developing fundamentals, rhythm, tone, and technique in younger musicians. This band class generally performs 2 concerts a semester. 

Concert Band
Comprised of students of various grade levels and focuses on building fundamental musical skills. This band class generally performs 2 concerts a semester. 

Jazz Band
Students enrolled in a band class at Boone have the option of participating in Jazz Band. The Jazz Band Class is offered at Boone during the regular school day. Students audition in the fall to be placed in a Jazz Band. This class is open to any grade level of student who is also enrolled in a concert band course. The most advanced students can earn an Honors Credit. 

Instrumental Ensemble/Percussion Class
A credit course for percussion students. Students enrolled in this class learn techniques appropriate to percussion playing. In addition to giving their own concerts, they also perform as part of the SOTB, as well as our concert band programs.

Students build fundamental piano techniques while learning to read music, acquire and apply knowledge of basic music theory, and explore the role of keyboard music in history and culture.

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