Magnet Tutoring Resources

Magnet Tutoring Resources


Ms. Patton

Tuesday, Tuesday, Thursday 2:20pm till 2:45 pm


          Ms. Roberts

          Tuesday/ Thursday 2:20pm

          Wednesday during B Lunch


          Ms. Mollenhauer

Tuesday 2:20 – 3:30pm


Ms. Buchanan

By appointment


          Ms. Hilley

Friday after school for AP tutoring

Wednesday during A & B lunch


Ms. Hutsell

By appointment

Social Studies

          Mr. Tringali        

August till October 31st   Thursday 2:20-3:20 pm

After November 1st   Every day except Wednesday


Ms. Baybay-Bykov

Tuesday 2:30-3:45pm


          Mr. MacFarlane

Thursday 2:15 – 3:00 pm


          Ms. Stilwell

          Tuesday 2:30 till 3:30 pm

          Peer to Peer Tutoring beginning 9/18


          Ms. Olson

World History     Monday – Thursday 2:30pm as needed

Government: Monday – Thursday 2:30pm as needed

Comparative Politics: Monday – Thursday 2:30pm as needed

Magnet Core

Mr. Daniel, Finance Magnet

Both Lunch A/B

Be sure you are prepared to ask for help with a specific topic in mind. Also, be sure to communicate with Mr. Daniel to ensure he is not scheduled for a meeting or training that afternoon.


Ms. Williamson, Criminal Justice Magnet

Available Tuesday’s after school until 3:00 pm


Mrs. Barker, Law Magnet

B Lunch

Make an appointment to ensure Mr. Barker is not in a meeting for after school help *



Mrs. Hayden

Available during A and B Lunch

Walk-in’s welcome