Student Parking

Parking decal sales this year will be handled digitally. To apply to purchase a parking decal for the year, we are using a google form to upload all required documents. This year, Sophomores who currently have a valid Driver’s License will also be able to purchase a decal at the same time as Juniors and Seniors.

The form can be found at You must be logged into an OCPS account to complete the form.

You will be able to pick up your decal after you receive an email confirmation. The email will let you know the date, time and location of the decal pick up. You MUST bring the printed Parking Agreement form with you when you pick up your decal. We need to have a physical copy on file. The signatures can be electronic or a standard wet signature. You will not be able to legally park on campus until you pick up your decal.

Parking Agreement

Senior Personalized Parking Space Contract

Painting Senior Parking Spots Contract 2020-2021

Allowing senior students to paint their own parking spot is aimed at improving school pride and camaraderie. Students can "own" a piece of the school. We encourage students to express themselves through positive artwork, to beautify the campus, to build school spirit, to create a senior tradition, and to support Student Body activities and events. As a byproduct, we believe this fundraiser will increase campus security. Having students park in reserved spots can also help identify unwelcome visitors to campus if they park in student spots.


  1. Requirements
    1. Only BHS Seniors may purchase a personalized parking spot
    2. Students will pay an additional $15.00 to paint their spot.        ,
    3. Documentation of the schoolpay receipt must be uploaded to the 2020-2021 Parking Decal Application google form.
    4. Students and their parent/guardian(s) will sign the contract at the bottom of this document to agree to all guidelines and rules and submit at the time of decal pick-up.
    5. The student is responsible for clearing any financial obligations debts prior to receiving their decal and personalizing their parking spot.


  1. Parking Spot Design Proposal
    1. Students will submit their drawn proposal of the parking space designs (including colors) to Mrs. Lee-Ann Fink via email to [email protected] on or before  Monday, August 10th, 2020. The optional template provided below.
    2. You will receive a reply approving the design or a request for edits before the date of the painting. It is your responsibility to check for this email reply before attending the painting event.
    3. Senior parking design request design sheet must be done in color and must
      represent exactly what will be painted on your parking space to be accepted.
    4. Variation from the approved design proposal will warrant surrender of the
      reserved space for the remainder of the school year and forfeiture of the fee (no
      refunds of a school parking pass or painted parking fee).
    5. A copy of the design proposal will be kept on file with the student's parking permit information.
    6. Once a spot has been assigned/selected, no spot will be traded or switched among students.
    7. Painted parking spot design will not exceed the length of the white-painted parking lines. All designs must be painted within the 12" border of the designated paint area of the parking spot.
    8. The following will be prohibited for the designs:
      1. Offensive language, pictures or symbols.
        Negative or rude language.
      2. "Gang-style tagging"
      3. Political references
      4. Drug references
      5. Double entendres (word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually risqué or indecent)
      6. The reserving student's name is the ONLY name/initials that will be allowed to be painted on the spot. (NO boyfriend's/girlfriend's/siblings/friends)
      7. Glitter, spray paint, reflective paint, or fluorescent paint of any kind.


  1. Painting Days (weather permitting)
    1. The Student Body Advisors, Mrs. Kelly Mahler, and Mrs. Casey Stilwell, along with the Student Body Officers, Senators, and PTO, will oversee the students on the painting day(s) (Saturday, August 15th for odd-numbered spaces and Saturday, August 22nd, 7:30-11:30 am for even-numbered spaces).
    2. Students must only paint in their assigned spot (through an assigned/selection
    3. Students may be asked to show proof of purchase of WATER-BASED EXTERIOR LATEX PAINT during the painting event.
    4. Students are only allowed to paint their parking spots on August 15th and 22nd  during the allowed time slots. If a student cannot attend their assigned day, they are permitted to attend the alternate day by notifying Mrs. Kelly Mahler by email at [email protected] with the reason.
    5. All paintings must be completed on the designated painting day(s).
    6. Students are required to clean up all supplies, trash, and paint or may be subject to an obligation charge or suspension of parking privileges. Trash bags and brooms will be provided.
    7. Students will not be allowed to alter their spot before or after this date unless
      an additional designated painting day is scheduled by the principal and class sponsors.
    8. Suggested paint colors are orange, white, and blue (BHS school colors). These colors will be provided until supplies run out.    

    9. Student Supply List

  1. Copy of approved design to use as a template
  2. Approved Paint
  3. A broom to sweep off parking spot prior to painting
  4. Paint brushes/rollers/sponge
  5. Painters tape/stencils/chalk (sketch out design)
  6. Water bucket for dirty brushes or Ziploc bags.
  7. Tray(s) for paint

  ii.     Student Suggested Items to Bring on Painting Day(s):

  1. Towels/Blankets to sit on
  2. Lawn Chairs
  3. Pop-Up Tents for shade
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Trash Bags

6.  Paper Towels or baby wipes

7.  Appropriate clothing/shoes for painting

8.  Water Bottle


4. Discipline

  1. Any Boone High School student that paints a parking spot without permission or vandalizes a senior parking spot or the parking lot will lose their parking privileges and face disciplinary action and consequences.
  2. The upkeep of the space is the responsibility of the student. If for some reason
    the space needs to be repainted (because of graffiti or other reason), the student
    must speak with Mrs. Mahler immediately.
  3. If a student withdraws/removed from school due to disciplinary actions during
    the school year, the reserved parking space will be painted over with black water-
    based latex exterior paint.

Prohibited or unapproved designs will be painted over at the discretion of the
Principal. Disciplinary action may be taken, and the student may forfeit their right to a
parking space and/or the right to drive on campus

Personalized Parking Spot Contract 2020-2021


**A printed copy of this signed page is to be submitted along with the printed copy of the Parking Agreement Form during Braves are Back  on August 5th or 6th**

Student Name: ______________________________

Student ID #: ________________________________

Cell Phone Number: __________________________

BHS Parking Pass Number (if available): __________       





I hereby agree to abide by all of the following rules, conditions, and regulations corresponding to my privilege of having a reserved painted parking spot in the senior parking lot:

Please initial:

____ 1. I have purchased a BHS parking pass.

____ 2. I have purchased the additional $15.00 personalized senior parking spot.

____ 3. I understand that I must submit my design in color to [email protected] by August 10th, 2020.

____ 4. I will ONLY use water-based latex exterior paint. I know I am not allowed spray paint, reflective paint, or fluorescent paint of any kind.

____ 5. I know I have to bring my own brushes and painting supplies to decorate my spot.

____ 6. I will only paint within the provided marked parking space that is drawn for me (12" border).

____ 7. I understand that my painted parking space must be completed during my designated time  slot (August 15th or August 22nd, 7:30-11:30am)                     

____ 8. If I do not abide by any of these rules, I realize my parking spot will be taken away and will be painted over, and I will not receive a refund.

____ 9. I will only paint my approved design following all the guidelines in my parking space. If I paint a spot I am not assigned, paint over someone else's design, or paint during the non- designated painting days, I WILL LOSE MY PARKING PRIVILEGES.

____ 10. I recognize, as a member of the Class of 2021, that the painting of senior parking spaces is a privilege, and understand that Boone High School Administration has the right to revoke this 



Parking Agreement Revised 7/14/2020