Dress Code

William R. Boone High School
Dress Code Policy

Boone High School administration understands that the dress of students is a reflection of his or her individual preference, self-image and potential conduct. Such preferences must be selected within the constraints of reasonable rules and standards that are consistent with the maintenance of an effective learning atmosphere. As such, what may be appropriate in leisure situations may not be appropriate in the school environment. Our dress code is designed to promote a positive, safe and healthy environment with minimal distractions while maximizing school spirit and the potential for serious academic achievement.

Our school recognizes that the parents/guardians are the primary persons responsible for seeing that their student is dressed properly for school. If a student arrives at school and refuses to comply with the dress code, he/she will not be allowed to attend class. Refusal to comply with dress code policy could result in disciplinary action in accordance to the Code of Student Conduct. Our administration is responsible for implementing, interpreting and enforcing the dress code policy and as such, is the final adjudicator in determining what appropriate student dress for school is.


  • No Spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder tops, mesh tops, tube tops or halter tops are allowed
  • No low cut shirts. Absolutely no shirt with a plunging neck line is allowed.
  • No see-through clothing. No undergarments are to be visible including bra straps and underwear. Shirts should adequately cover shoulders and back.
  • No midriffs should show; shirts must be longer than the waistline of skirts, shorts, or pants.
  • All clothing brands and designs with any unauthorized group symbols, profanity, gestures or signs are prohibited.
  • All shirts, blouses, and tops, etc., must have sleeves past the shoulder seam


  • Pants and shorts must fit and be worn at the waist.  No underwear is to be exposed.
  • Any hole in pants above mid-thigh is prohibited.
  • No chains allowed
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must reach mid-thigh to be in compliance.

Other Items

  • All hats, beanies, skull caps or any other head-gear may not be worn in the building (the only head gear exemption is for religious ceremony attire)
  • No do-rags and bandanas
  • Pajamas and slippers are prohibited.

dress code