Academy of Law at Boone High Schoo The Academy of Law at Boone High School provides its students with a deep insight into and working knowledge of the American legal system.  During their experience in the Academy of Law, students study the rules, processes, and ethical requirements for effective courtroom practice while obtaining a broad understanding of many different areas of law, including constitutional law, criminal law, contracts, juvenile justice, torts, employment law, and landlord/tenant law.

Students gain exposure to the legal world through research, readings, observations, practice, and guest speakers, and all students will participate in every major aspect of a civil/criminal trial, performing as an attorney, witness, and juror.  Academy of Law students cap off their experience by working with legal professionals in law firms, courtrooms, and public service organizations throughout the Orlando area.

Important Opportunities

Academy of Law students become deeply engaged outside the classroom in a wide variety of legal experiences, including:

  • Mock Trial Team:  the Mock Trial Team competes against other high schools in local, state, and invitational tournaments.  Members participate in the hands-on preparation for and presentation of a case at trial – in real courthouses before real judges. Try-outs for the team occur in August / September every year. 


  • Moot Court Team:  the Moot Court team also competes against other high schools in tournaments.  Members develop and write appellate briefs and engage in oral appellate arguments before actual judges of the Florida District Court of Appeal.


  • Speech and Debate Team:  All freshmen in the Academy of Law are automatically members of the Speech and Debate Team, which also includes sophomores and upperclassmen from throughout the school.  The Team competes at the local, state, and national levels.


  • Orange County Teen Court:  All members of the Academy of Law participate as attorneys, jurors, and other court personnel in Orange County’s Teen Court program.  Teen Court is a “peer court” for juveniles who have committed a first-time misdemeanor, felony, and traffic offenses.  


  • Law & Government Explorer’s Post:  All member of the Academy of Law participate in the local Law & Government Explorer’s Post through which they gain insight into a variety of programs that offer leadership, life skills, character education, service learning, and hands-on career activities centered on areas such as criminal, civil, and environmental law and social and human services.

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