William R. Boone Orchestras, Director Stephen Cook

Email: [email protected]


Our Boone High School Orchestra program is the recipient of the Orlando Philharmonic’s

‘Orchestra of Distinction 2020!’ This is a huge honor, recognizing our program as one of the premiere programs in Central Florida!

Boone High School is proud to offer 3 levels of orchestra classes:


Concert Orchestra (2nd period)

This is our introductory group, filled with talented developing students. This class focuses on the fundamentals of string playing, music reading, and exploring orchestral literature.

Boone Counterpoint (6th period)

This class is our highest level performing ensemble. It is also our smallest group. This group explores a wide range of advanced repertoire and solo work. Students from this group have been selected to perform at our Orange County All County ensembles.

Chamber Strings (7th period)

This is one of our top performance groups at Boone High School. In the past few year, this group has received straight superior ratings at our district MPA. They combine often with our 6th period class for large scale performance works.

All groups perform 4 concerts a year and travel to our county music performance assessment.


After school:

Boone Symphony Orchestra

This is Boone High Schools full orchestra. Our top string, percussion and wind players combine to perform 1-2 concerts a year.

Students who wish to participate in any level of orchestra should contact director Stephen Cook @ [email protected]