Prospective Students

Are you interested in the Criminal Justice, Finance or Law Magnet Program at William R. Boone High School? Please check out the four year plan for each of the three programs by clicking on the link to your left. 

Prospective Magnet students must complete the Orange County Public School application which you can find at The application needs to be submitted on-line via the OCPS school choice webpage. 


Want to know what a successful magnet student at Boone High School looks like? We have found that this student is…

  • Consistently earning A’s and B’s in advanced/honors English and social studies classes
  • On or above grade level on state assessments
  • Ready to be challenged and has a love of learning
  • Able to use time management skills to turn in assignments on time
  • Dedicated to the time and effort the program requires for all four years

Take a look at yourself and see if you meet the criteria described above. If the description is you, please apply at We’d love for you to be a part of our highly competitive, college prep program!