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When ordering Transcripts!



1. Select one of the following links that applies to you - 

Current Students


2. Fill in all information

3. Pay for the transcript(s) through the link

4. Ms.  Melndez-Cubero will receive a report each day and will order your transcript.

5. Ms.  Melndez-Cubero will process your transcript to be mailed, faxed or held for pick up.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact   [email protected]

Phone: 407-893-7200 ex. 6012267

PLEASE NOTE - We can no longer e-mail Transcripts for any reason. Transcripts can only be mailed, faxed or picked up.


  • $2 charge for each paper copy you request- this includes mail and fax (Cash, money order or online payment)
  • Official Transcript - $2  - 3-5 day waiting period - paper copy – sealed - can only be opened by the official requesting it from you
  • Unofficial Transcript - $2 – 3-5 day waiting period - paper copy – not sealed – for your use only – CANNOT be used for employment or colleges/universities
  • Electronic - Free - only sent to Florida Public Colleges and Universities and High Schools - 2015-Current  STUDENTS ONLY – please e-mail [email protected]
  • 1989-2009 GRADUATES - $2- only paper copy available
  • 1988 and before - $2 - minimum 5-day waiting period - paper copy only
  • Withdrawing Students - Free - Complete the Withdrawal process first - fill in this request form - 3-5 business day waiting period


When Boone High School receives your request and payment, it will take 3-5 days for us to receive your transcript, process it, and either mail it, fax it or have it ready for pick-up; however, please note that transcripts prior to 1990 may take longer than those after 1990. Also, school holidays can impact processing time.