Community Service Hours

                                    Steps to take for Completing Community Service Hours

Step 1:
Find an organization which will allow you to volunteer your time to the community.
(Note: If volunteering for a Boone High School club or organization you must speak to the club sponsor.)

Step 2:
Complete Community Service Plan Form, which can be found on the Boone website (Boone website...Guidance tab...Community Service Hours). Copies of the Form are also available in Student Services, College and Career and the Main Office.

Step 3:
Fill out the top section of the Community Service Form, including, community service site information and parent signature.

Step 4:
Write a one page, typed plan explaining where you will volunteer, what your duties will consist of and how it will serve the community. There is an essay example in the packet.  This must be attached to Community Service Plan Form.

Step 5: 
Bring the Community Service Plan Form and pre-approval essay to ANY Guidance Counselor during your lunch for approval signature prior to beginning your community service.

Step 6:
Begin Community service. 

Step 7:
Once all your hours are complete write an essay explaining where you completed the hours, how you served the community and what you received out of the experience.

Step 8:
Bring completed packet to student services.

Completed packet includes:
1. Community Service Plan form with all required signatures
2. Pre- essay
3. Post-essay
4. Log

Click here to print the plan and log.