History & General Information
- The first S.A.D.D. chapter was formed by students in 1981 with the help of Robert Anastas in Wayland, Massachusetts.
- There are over 7 million students in schools with a S.A.D.D. chapter.
- There are 10,000 S.A.D.D. chapters with advisors in the US.
- There are 300 S.A.D.D. clubs in the state of Florida alone.
- Florida S.A.D.D. promotes the "Triangle of Caring" which is comprised of school, home, and community.

The S.A.D.D. Mission
- "To Provide Students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drunk driving, drug use, and other destructive decisions."

S.A.D.D. is dedicated to
- A "No-Use" message regarding underage drinking and illegal drugs
- The elimination of death due to drinking and driving
- Addressing "destructive decisions" related to alcohol and other drugs, violence, tobacco, and teen pregnancy.

The S.A.D.D. Philosophy
- If the problem lies with teenagers...the solution lies with teenagers.
- The S.A.D.D. message is one of caring, not judging.
- We want you to be a part of our group. Because we care about you and us, we will party safe and fun, which includes being substance free. And we will spread the message about how this can be done.
- If the problem is mine, the solution also begins with me.

S.A.D.D. Events at Boone
- Mock DUI
- Red Ribbon Week
- Homecoming Parade
- Prom Promise
- Summit Camp
- Take it Back
- Community Service
- Diversity Meetings
-School Beautification
- Fundraisers
- Fun and Safe S.A.D.D. parties
- Parent Forum: "It's About Good Choices"

Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in Room 127 during both lunches.